bram van leeuwenstein bram van leeuwenstein

Bram van Leeuwenstein is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Arnhem. He works with a multitude of materials and textures. His specialism is amongst others; working with porcelain and ceramics. But he also welds, makes set-designs, interiors and sculptures. Bram has a love for cooking, using fresh herbs and vegetables from his garden. He is well known for his hand painted cone lamps and handpainted fish lamps.

Next to making his self initiated work; van Leeuwenstein also executes and produces work commissioned by artists, musea, cultural centres and Biennals. Among them are: Afrika museum, CODA museum, Plaatsmaken, Collectie de Groen, Fabrikaat, Bureau Europa, Maria Roosen, Libelle, Margriet, Jonge Gezinnen Beurs, State of Fashion, Made in Arnhem, Sonsbeek, Modebiennale, Biennale Gelderland, Roosje Klap, BNNVARA, ArtEZ Arnhem, Minerva Groningen, Gemeente Arnhem, Gemeente Veenendaal, Jonge Ambtenaren Dag.